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“…BEST GERMAN SHEPHERD breeder in America.”
— Der Spiegel, Germany

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Training & Breeding Over 500 Litters Since 1987

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What Makes Our German Shepherds Different

Our German Shepherds function in the capacity that they’re originally bred for; excelling in every way! Our shepherds are sound in body and mind. Strong, intelligent and obedient. Our dogs are naturally courageous and incredibly resilient, genetic qualities that can only be realized through superior breeding practices! 

What Makes Our Training Different

Kraftwerk’s breeding program is structured around 3 specific areas: Health, temperament and drive. Our dogs are bred to be working dogs, not as show show dogs. We carefully pair up every mother and stud based on their genetic strengths to produce some of the healthiest and smartest German Shepherds in the world. 


Available Puppies

Eika vom Kraftwerk

Gender: Female 
Price: $7,000
Born: 02/12/2021
Photo taken 2/25/21

Envy vom Kraftwerk

Gender: Female
Price: $7,000
Born: 02/12/2021
Photo taken 2/25/2021

Elsa vom Kraftwerk

Gender: Female
Price: $7,000
Born: 02/12/2021
Photo taken on: 2/25/21

Certifed Trained German Shepherds

SG-Elli vom Pilgerweg- AD,BH,IGP1,KKL

Large, solid and powerfully built dark sable. Very self-confident with nerves of steel, nothing can shake her. Very well trained, dependable and  very willing to respond to anything asked of her.

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Our German Shepherds function in the capacity that they’re originally bred for, excelling in every way!

Sound in mind and body. Strong and functional, intelligent, trainable, courageous and resilient.
Natural qualities that only can be realized through great genetics!

Buying from kraftwerk k9

We know that buying a family member online is a little different. Once you choose which dog is best for you, we’ll keep you updated along the way with photos and videos at your request so you can see your new family member thrive until you get to take them home.

About Our Company

Founded in 1987 by owner Wayne Curry, Kraftwerk K9 is a state of the art German Shepherd breeding, training, and boarding facility rated “Best Breeder in America” by Der Spiegel, Germany’s leading news publication!

How to Purchase a Dog

Simply click the “Purchase Agreement” button on any dog that you’re interested in for more information about our purchasing process.

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Your one stop shop for supplies, Toys, training equipment, educational videos, and Kraftwerk merchandise and accessories!

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What We Do and Where We Do It

Our 25-acre property is a state of the art training and breeding facility. The grounds include training fields, kennels, and housing for management and trainers. Housing for our dogs is thoughtfully designed and well-maintained. Each kennel is furnished with a concrete perimeter, with cedar chips in the center for comfort and hygiene. 

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