Trained Adult Versatility Protection German Shepherds For Sale with children.

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Lazzo spod Maslova BH, IPO1

Vano vom Brumberg BH

Dika vom Bersher-Ranch AD, BH, IPO1

Lonzo von der Frisenklipp AD, BH, IPO1

Despo vom Germanan Schlos BH

Bonnes von Ritmiker AD, BH

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  1. ken ruffin says:

    Firstly, that is a magnificent animal in your video!

    My family raised German Shepherds when I was young. In my opinion, they are the epitome of “man’s best friend”.
    I’m now 50 years young and I have been wanting to add to my family of five children and ten grandsons. I travel with my work and believe that another layer of protection while I’m away is a good idea. (Let alone the fact that I love the look and attitude of the German Shepherd)
    I will be acquiring a German Shepherd soon.

    Sincerely, Ken Ruffin

  2. Karen Parker says:

    We have lost our Shepherd and would like to get an older one that is trained to walk and be a companion. It will live inside as a member of an extended family. 2 grandparents plus 4 older children and 2 18 year old grandchildren plus 2 6 year old twins.

    We were given your name by a day kennel worker

    • Hello! Please give us a call at 360-273-6125, and we would be happy to talk with you about which of our dogs would fit best for your lifestyle. Thank you!

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