Trained Adult Versatility Protection German Shepherds For Sale with children.

See Our Available Protection Trained German Shepherds!


Lazzo spod Maslova BH, IPO1

Vano vom Brumberg BH

Dika vom Bersher-Ranch AD, BH, IPO1

Lonzo von der Frisenklipp AD, BH, IPO1

Despo vom Germanan Schlos BH

Bonnes von Ritmiker AD, BH

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11 Responses

  1. ken ruffin says:

    Firstly, that is a magnificent animal in your video!

    My family raised German Shepherds when I was young. In my opinion, they are the epitome of “man’s best friend”.
    I’m now 50 years young and I have been wanting to add to my family of five children and ten grandsons. I travel with my work and believe that another layer of protection while I’m away is a good idea. (Let alone the fact that I love the look and attitude of the German Shepherd)
    I will be acquiring a German Shepherd soon.

    Sincerely, Ken Ruffin

    • It sounds like we have the dogs for you. please give us a call at 360-273-6125 and we get go over exactly what you are looking for and find the perfect match!

  2. Karen Parker says:

    We have lost our Shepherd and would like to get an older one that is trained to walk and be a companion. It will live inside as a member of an extended family. 2 grandparents plus 4 older children and 2 18 year old grandchildren plus 2 6 year old twins.

    We were given your name by a day kennel worker

    • Hello! Please give us a call at 360-273-6125, and we would be happy to talk with you about which of our dogs would fit best for your lifestyle. Thank you!

  3. Bill Kunie says:

    Hello. I am intrested in history of your beautiful animals. We had a black male of 13 yrs that we had to put down . We want to have another because of what he meant to us. We have a house with a good size back yard, and Milan was always with us inside or out. This animal will go to work with my lady in an office surrounding if they want to. Please let me know extent of training and price. We love the color of your animals. Thank you

  4. Bobby says:

    I am very interested in the bread. And due to the fact my family is starting very zoon I’d like to have a family dog . (Protection ) while I’m away at work. Also good with other small dogs and children.

  5. Amy Jacobson says:

    Hi, I had to put my wonderful 14yr. old GSD down in November. I would like a young adult female with some training and good with children, cats and other dogs. I have a large yard with plenty of room for running and is a safe place. I also am self employed an the dog can come to work with me. Look forward to hearing from you.

  6. Gregory says:

    Interested in a young Sable or black female.send me pictures of some with prices,very interesteded

  7. Bruce Brewst er says:

    My wife and I are looking down adult female German shepherd. Maybe 3 years old trained in all the basics including leash walks. We are both 67 and do not want to
    Train another dog. We would want a protective dog but not mean. We do have grand children how much for a dog like to his and do you have one

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