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Kraftwerk K9 Family Protection Dogs

Kraftwerk K9: Family Protection Dogs

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The Tactical Parent series is written for parents who take an active role in protecting their family. Recognizing the unique challenges associated with protecting more than just yourself, we aim to provide tactics and equipment to help you keep your loved ones safe while maintaining a busy family lifestyle. It was in this effort that I discovered the incredible family protection dogs bred and trained by Kraftwerk K9. In this four-part article series I will share the story of my visit to Kraftwerk K9, the function and benefit these dogs offer individuals and families, how these German Shepherds are molded and trained for their role, and will conclude with the story of my family bringing one into our home. After...
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Kraftwerk K9 Concealment In Plain Sight

Kraftwerk K9: Concealment In Plain Sight

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When a trained Kraftwerk K9 protection dog is invited into a family, they not only get a loving and loyal companion but they also get an extra set of eyes and ears, and teeth if necessary, watching over the safety of their pack. In this second article of our four-part series, Doug shares examples of where Kraftwerk German Shepherds are protecting people in places you’d expect and in places you probably wouldn’t.

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