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Steve Romard

Hey Wayne, I have to tell you Uno is so awesome! I took him out on the field yesterday to play ball with him and he showed a big interest in the sleeve on the ground. He`s not a big barker but he started lunging for it so Mike, our helper, made him miss a few times and then gave him a grip. He grabbed the 5984 FULL and HARD!!!!!. Mike then slipped it and he carried it the full length of the field and back again. I then made him sit and he just sat there holding the arm with a full mouth grip and he never shifted at all. He didn`t want to let go of it at all. The only thing this dog has ever bitten has been a balll and his leash. He`s never even bitten a rag! Actually hes bitten a bringsel two or three times, but thats it. He is so good so far. There were people down the field today from other clubs training and everybody commented on how big his head is and how good looking he is. I am so happy with this dog I cannot thank you enough for sending me him. I wish it was always this easy to get good dogs, but at least now I know to come to you all the time. Urs is doing well and hopefully I have a video for you soon of both of them. Thanks again Wayne!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk to you soon. Steve Romard Boston, MA

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