Certified Trained Dogs

Certified Trained German Shepherd Dogs for Sale

All of our adult protection trained German Shepherds  reside at our facility in Rochester, WA and are available for immediate pick-up or delivery. Transfer of ownership from a grown dog’s point of view is best accomplished without the prior handler present. German Shepherd dogs with proper character resist performing for strangers while they are still attached to a handler. Since our dogs have especially well-developed pack instincts, it is best to send them to their new owners by themselves, thereby expediting the bonding process with the new owner. An instructional DVD accompanies each German Shepherd to assist the new handler with training commands. Protection trained German Shepherd dogs with highly advanced practical protection training may require personal introduction at your location or at our facility in Rochester, WA. International airports serving our location are SEA-TAC in Seattle, Washington or Portland International Airport in Portland, Oregon.

Adult trained German Shepherds have a significantly higher value than trained German Shepherd puppies. However, they are a wonderful asset to people who are not able to put in the time necessary to train a dog or raise a puppy. Hundreds of training hours are needed before a dog can pass the stringent requirements of a training degree.

Zikki Profile

SG- Zikki von Neandertal- AD,BH,IGP1,IGP2,IGP3,KKL

Large, solid and powerfully built black with brown markings. Powerful head with strong bones and absolutely solid constitution. Self-confident with nerves of steel, nothing can shake her.

Tharo vom Turkenkopf

Large, black & red with head turning looks and impeccable temperament! Loves to greet people at the door and always happy to play!

SG-Wallaby aus Mecklenburg(WB)

Large and impressive black & red with a head like a lion! Especially guidable, follows commands with high loyalty to his handler and family.

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