Chloe vom Kraftwerk: SOLD

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Chloe vom Kraftwerk: SOLD

Mother – Amy am Argensee, AD,BH,WB,IPO1,IPO2,KKL
Father – V-Eydu Vom Bultenrauber AD,BH,IGP1,IGP2,IGP3,(100-98-97=295),KKL


Gender: Female
Price: $9,000
Training Level: 3
Born: 10/07/19

Beautiful dark sable with powerful head and intelligent expression, well balanced proportions with very good bone strength. Chloee would make an excellent family companion as she is very sweet and gentle with incredible intelligence and a desire to learn and adapt. Photo taken on March 23rd. Sound and sure nerve base with great motivation to perform anything asked of her. This combination offers the highly accomplished, famous working bloodlines from West Germany with top credentials. Both parents are trustworthy and well-mannered with excellent social skills. Self-confident and sure in protection work. Proven pedigree combines the best working lines known to produce absolute rock-solid character, temperament, drive and very good structure. For quickest reservation please click on the Begin Purchase button or call 360-273-6125 for more information.


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