Dana vom Fuchsstein- AD,BH,IGP1,IGP2,KKL


Dana vom Fuchsstein- AD,BH,IGP1,IGP2,KKL

Strong and muscular, striking black & brown with exceptional markings and superior temperament! Great proportions with even top and underline, well developed chest and noble and expressive head. Distinctively spirited attitude and self-confident. Absolutely rock-solid temperament with great capacity to handle stress.  Can go anywhere, anytime, day or night, totally self-confident.  Excellent behavior with children and well mannered inside the home. Easily motivated to perform the obedience exercises, and loves to play the two ball game with his handler. Forceful and vigorous in protection with convincing guarding skills.  Announces the arrival of strangers with strong barking.  Transitions easily from passive to active behavior on command.  Pedigree comes from world-class west German lines. Hips and elbows certified a1. To help you make the best decision based on your needs, lifestyle, environment and purpose please call us at 1-360-273-6125. 


The following is the purchase agreement for our dogs. After filling out this agreement, you’ll be asked to provide a deposit on the dog. If you a have any questions, please contact us at (360) 273-6125.

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