Breeding Females

Manta Profile photo

Manta vom Schloss Eberstein

Very large, somewhat oversized, looks like a male at first sight! Powerfully built black & brown. Solid, firm and well-balanced.

V-Joline vom Campus

Strong and muscular, striking black sable with exceptional markings and superior temperament. Great proportions with even top and underline, well developed chest.

Yara vom Spulsee

Large jet-black with strong head, great bone strength along with substantial structure.  Self-confident with nerves of steel, nothing can shake her.

Enja Profile

SG-Enja von Gawall

Very large black and brown with strong head and great overall structure. Rock-solid nerve base, self-confident and sure in everything she does.

Kontra Profile

SG- Kontra vom Harzofen

Superior in both looks and performance! Highly trained, six times master level IPO3! Beautiful dark sable.

Quintana Profile

Quintana vom Elsenzer See

Large, solid and powerfully built black & brown with correct structure and great bone strength.  

Amy Profile

Amy am Argensee

Medium sized with strong and muscular build, along with exceptional dark sable markings. Strong head with highly intelligent expression. 

Eila Profile

SG-Eila vom Kaiserhaus

Large black and tan with powerful head and outstanding expression. Especially well-developed.

Wilma Profile

Wilma vom Wellental

Large and substantial red and black sable with good chest development and a broad powerful head.

Bakira Profile

Bakira von Varracher Hof

Solid and powerfully built black & brown with a beautiful full coat. Strong head with highly intelligent expression.

Bubbles Profile

Bubbles vom Haus Taurus

Medium sized with strong and muscular build, along with exceptional dark sable markings.

Onja Profile

Onja von Lutje Horn

Over medium sized, powerfully built solid jet black. Solid and firm with well balanced proportions.

Alaja Profile

SG-Alaja von Lodiso

Amazing black & brown with beautiful head along with intelligent expression. Correct structure, great bone strength.

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