Kraftwerk K9 German Shepherd Puppy Raising System


Before they are born.
We start by meticulously planning breeding pairs using the optimum combinations between our Top Stud Dogs and breeding females. All of our breeding stock is IPO titled and tested for sound temperament, drive, and functionality. We have the advantage of drawing from the over 20 years of breeding and training experience brought to the table by our visionary founder, Wayne Curry.


Maternity – Expecting mothers are closely monitored and cared for in our Maternity suites. No other facility can compare to this type of luxury dwelling. Each oversized pen has an individual house for whelping and boasts 24/7 video monitoring, heating, and cooling options in a quiet, secluded area. Shaded and designed for easy sanitation, there is plenty of space for play and exercise, and an inner circle of bark chips which later encourages puppies to learn quickly from their mother to potty outside, and keep living quarters clean.


Newborn – After whelping in the maternity suites, newborn puppies are health checked and identified by color-coded collars. Very young puppies are strictly observed and receive specialized handling daily by our highly qualified staff, ensuring their safety and health while providing exceptional early socialization to improve their future ability to handle stressors. Mothers are with their young pups 24/7, nursing, cleaning, and providing loving care for them as they follow strong natural instinct.

2-4 Weeks Of Age – As puppies begin to grow up and start exploring their environment, we continue this close monitoring and care. They begin to take “field trips” outside of the maternity suites and into various shaded, grassy natural environments with toys. Here the puppies begin learning to play and to be away from their mother for short periods of time, while starting important potty training skills. Daily handling of every puppy continues, and our staff is already becoming familiarized with each individual puppy’s temperament.

puppyrunthumb4-6 Weeks Of Age – By four weeks of age, puppies are starting to really show their personalities and confidence away from their mother. They spend more of the daytime in the puppy pens enjoying the sun, and begin to venture to yet another location for play dates- our exclusive Puppy Socializing Course, developed to mirror the confidence building properties of our Versatility Course for trained adults, but made much smaller to accommodate our youngest puppies. 


_D5W8643This course offers a wide variety of obstacles and noises to generalize the puppies to running, jumping, climbing, and sliding over many different surfaces of varying degrees of difficulty to build confidence. When they are first introduced to the course, they explore freely with their littermates, play with toys, and are fed meals on top of new surfaces to create positive associations. Our staff observes the interactions so we can see their natural inclinations. In the evenings, they return to the maternity suites to sleep with their mother and littermates.

6-8 Weeks Of Age – At 6 weeks of age, puppies begin weaning from their mother, remaining in groups of littermates with mom visiting a few times a day to nurse them and ease the transition. They continue to benefit from the Puppy Socialization Course, but the circumstances begin to change slightly. The goal now is to begin developing the drives of the puppies and their learning ability within the litter group. Our trainers visit the groups in the course environment, and begin important early imprinting with the puppies. Puppies begin learning to follow a human (developing the pack drive), take food treats from the hand, follow food lures over obstacles, and simple behaviors such as sitting as a pack to earn the reward. Trainers also begin developing the prey drive of the puppies by encouraging chasing and biting a rag in the litter.


8 Weeks Of Age – All the superior socialization, imprinting, and training over the past 2 months has prepared these puppies in every facet to be truly fantastic companions and home protectors. The drives have been properly nurtured to optimal balance for efficient training, while the environmental and social confidence is remarkably high for such a young puppy. By the time Kraftwerk puppies reach 8 weeks of age, they have a solid head start and are ready to enter their new homes, or go further into puppy training programs. Those puppies who do stay with us after this point are immediately separated into individual kennels to foster a strong desire to bond with people, and receive daily training as outlined on our Puppy Training Program.

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