What are the basic commands used in training?


Basic training is usually done utilizing German commands. Click the link to see translation and pronunciation for common training words for Kraftwerk’s German Shepherd.

English Commands German Commands Pronunciation
Heel Fuss Fooss ( long o sound as in Moose)  Frequently gets conjugated as if it were as english verb, as in “Did you see him fussing with his dog?”
Sit Sitz Sitz ( rhymes with “fits”.)
Down Platz Platz ( rhymes with “cats”.)
Here (or Front or Come) Heir hee er (Hang on the “eh” sound slightly longer that usual, rool the r if you can.)
Fetch, Bring, Get It Bring Brrring (roll the “r”)
Search, Seek, Track Such Tsuuk, soo.  The final “k” sound is almost silent.
Out, Drop It, Let Go Aus Owss (rhymes with “house”)
Jump, Up, Over Hopp Hop
Go Out Voraus for owss ( rhymes with “for house”)
Hunt, search the blind Revier Reh veer
Go On Voran For awn.  Some people use “voran” as the command to the dog to run to the blind and search it for the helper, others use “revier”.

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