Eika vom Kraftwerk

By December 26, 2019
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Mother - Nevada vom Gut Korten AD,BH,IPO1,KKL
Father - SG-Max vom Haus Cismar BH,AD,IPO1,IPO2,IPO3(100-96-99=295),KKL

Fantastic jet black with broad head, Born healthy and strong. Photo taken January 16th. Both parents are known for powerful heads, strong bones along with trustworthy social skills. Self-confident and sure with natural abiity to handle stress. This combination offers the highly accomplished, famous working bloodlines from West Germany. Proven pedigree combines the best working lines known to produce rock-solid character, temperament, drive and very good structure. For quickest service click on Begin Purchase or for more information please call us at 360-273-6125.

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