Tika vom Kraftwerk Obedience Level 1

By August 27, 2000
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Mother - Freya vom Wulfs Wurf AD,BH,IPO1,IPO2,KKL
Father - SG- Acer the Boom vom Kraftwerk IPO1,IPO2,IPO3,KKL,*2nd Generation Kraftwerk K9

Big with especially large head!  Very sure and friendly temperament with great ability to bond with her handler. Photo taken September 3rd. Pedigree is a combination of both east and west German lines known to produce especially strong head type, correct and substantial constitution, strong bones and great pigmentation. This combination is known to produce spectacular color. Many dogs in the pedigree have achieved top placings at the highest levels of international competition. For quickest reservation please click on the Begin Purchase button or call/text 360-623-0898 for more information.