Undra vom Kraftwerk

By June 20, 2018
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Mother - Quintana vom Elsenzer See AD,BH,IPO1,KKL
Father - SG-Max vom Haus Cismar BH,AD,IPO1,IPO2,IPO3(100-96-99),KKL

Large and strong, black and brown with great proportions. Photo taken September 11th. Both parents show the same ideal structure and are highly recommended for the improvement of breed type. Large and strong boned, especially broad heads with well-carried ears. Impeccable temperament and outstanding working qualities. Optimum health and vitality. Drive levels will be sure to be pronounced and the puppies will be able to fit into any environment with self-confident and sure character. Please call 360-360 623-0898 or click on the begin purchase button for more information.


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