Zeus vom Kraftwerk

By October 23, 2019
Gender:Price:Training Level:Born:

Mother - Gipsy von Schalker Arena AD,BH,FH,IPO1,KKL
Father - V-Eydu Vom Bultenrauber AD,BH,IGP1,IGP2,IGP3,(100-98-97=295),KKL

Handsome dark sable with broad head and substantial proportions. Photo taken November 8th. Strong nerves with calm balanced temperament. Both parents show outstanding physical type as well as equally superior character. Substantial with balanced proportions, optimum pigmentation, strong bones and powerful head type. Rock-solid nerves with steady and sure temperament.  Showing tremendous drive and determination to succeed. Maximum performance in obedience and protection along with the ability to transition from active to calm behavior on command.  Famous top working line pedigree known to produce optimum health and vitality.

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