Earl Jankari BH,IPO1,IPO2

By September 4, 2019
German Shepherd - Earl Jankari
MalePlease Call04/29/2016

Large black & tan with powerful head, correct structure with very good bone strength and substance. Highly responsive to the obedience commands and very well trained. Calm and well behaved with excellent house manners. Totally secure and ready for any challenge anywhere, anytime.  Retrieving instinct pronounced and loves to play with a ball. Quick to announce the arrival of strangers with strong guarding.  Shows pronounced courage demonstrating quick, full, and hard  grips on the sleeve. Well-known working line combination of top schutzhund performers known for top health and vitality.  Hips and elbows clear. To help you make the best decision based on your needs, lifestyle, environment and purpose please call or text us at 360-623-0898.

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German Shepherd - Earl Jankari German Shepherd - Earl Jankari German Shepherd - Earl Jankari