Pajo von der Sandkautschneise WB, BH Certified

By October 29, 2019
MalePlease Call07/22/17

Big! One-of-kind black with brown legs. Huge head and correct structure, athletic with very good bone strength and substance.  Truly loves children, totally secure and friendly,  trustworthy in all situations. Highly responsive to the obedience commands and very well trained, easily following commands from family members as young as five years old.  Retrieving instinct pronounced and loves to play with a ball. Announces the arrival of strangers with strong barking. Well-known working line combination of top schutzhund performers known for top health and vitality.  Hips and elbows certified. To help you make the best decision based on your needs, lifestyle, and purpose please call 360-273-6125 for more information.

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