SG-Alaja von Lodiso, AD,BH,IPO1,IPO2,KKL

By September 24, 2019
FemalePlease Call02/10/17

Amazing black & brown with beautiful head along with intelligent expression.  Correct structure, great bone strength and great proportions.  Has the capacity to handle stress in every situation, self-confident with nerves of steel, nothing can shake her. Highly trainable, dependable and very willing to respond to anything asked of her. Achieved very high performance scores at just two years old. Naturally social and sure in every situation, calm when inside the home and active on command. Shows natural desire to track with excellent desire to overcome and solve problems on her own. Loves to retrieve and play with a ball. Powerful and sure in protection, intimidating guarding with full hard grips on the sleeve, scoring 94 points in competitions. Has the capacity to handle stress in every situation. Well-known working line combination of top schutzhund performers known for optimum health and vitality. Hips and elbows certified a1. To help you make the best decision based on your needs, lifestyle and purpose please call us at 360-273-6125.

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