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German Shepherds For Sale In California

Finding the German Shepherd that’s a perfect fit for your household is no easy task. That’s why before you buy, you need to talk to Kraftwerk K9. Our team of trainers and breeders will match you with the right dog, whether you need a fully trained family protection dog and companion, or a puppy with an outstanding pedigree.

Kraftwerk K9 is America’s premier German Shepherd breeding and training company, and our track record proves it.

The Kraftwerk K9 Difference

World Renowned

One-of-a-kind Facility

I fell in love with Heidi the minute I saw her. She is absolutely wonderful and just what we wanted. I must admit I had my concerns, as I have never chosen a puppy without actually meeting it physically first. You and your staff were were exceptionally courteous and patient, tirelessly answering all my constant questions and concerns. Everyone was extremely knowledgeable about all the dogs, going out of their way to make sure we had everything and all questions answered. Words just cannot begin to express how totally wonderful our Kraftwerk K9 experiences have been. Special kudos to your staff for their time and knowledge in assuring me Heidi was indeed the german shepherd I wanted. They were so very right and made this whole experience of picking a puppy by picture much easier by sharing their opinions of the qualities of both, but I must admit –I was was still nervous– until SHE came through the door. Total love at first sight and she is so perfect, just ‘made to order’. Anyone could, and should, shop your web site and kennel with absolute and complete confidence that they are getting the very best puppies, or dogs, that are available. You and your staff go out of your way to make sure that your clients get exactly what they want and that they feel like family. Many thanks, and kudos again to everyone for the best puppy buying experiences ever.

Rider Family – California

Dog Shipping and Travel

Bring doggy treats (cut up chunks of hotdogs are a favorite) with you to the cargo department of the airline your new dog will arrive in. Give the flight details we provide you at the counter. When you approach the kennel, start talking to the dog in a friendly tone repeating his/her name several times. Your new dog will be looking for familiar people and sounds.

The sound of his name coming from you will automatically generate a beginning level of trust and is the first step in the bonding process. When you are ready to open the door of the crate, have the leash (located in the packaging on top of the shipping kennel) ready to snap on the collar. Be sure to get the lead on the dog as he comes out. Once you have the leash on the dog, the bonding process can really start as you now have a real and physical connection to the dog. All dogs know whomever is at the end of the leash has control helping establish you as the pack leader immediately.

The person who first opens the crate door and attaches the lead is normally the first person the dog will give it’s trust to. After the dog has relieved himself, he/she should be returned back to the crate for the ride home, if possible. He/she will be more comfortable riding in the crate than being loose in the car. Every dog will need time to adjust to the new surroundings. The natural acclimation period will differ between dogs. Travel affects the dogs in the same manner as people. Some are very good travelers and acclimate quickly and others need more time to adjust. This period is commonly referred to as jet-lag. Try to arrange to have at least 48 hours that that you can dedicate to your new dog when it arrives. He/she needs quality time with you.

This is an important bonding time when your new dog is feeling most stressed and vulnerable in his new environment. Keep household activities and visitors to a minimum while your dog gets familiar with everything. Some will be more cautious and unsure of their new surroundings indicating that they need to be introduced more slowly into their new home.

Testimonials from Happy Kraftwerk K9 German Shepherd Owners in CA

Obi Vom KraftwerkObi is absolutely wonderful with our 9 month old son. He is so calm and gentle with him. We would recommend a kraftwerk K9 German shepherd to anyone with children who is considering a dog. We are completely blown away by Obi. He arrived last night and was a bit tired, but he calmly stepped out of his crate and just attached himself to Joel’s side. He is so affectionate and so obedient. We are delighted with this wonderful dog. The truth is you really do get what you pay for. Truly unbelievable for a 4 1/2 month old puppy.

Lauren & Joel – California

Ryder Vom KraftwerkJust wanted to share a picture of Ryder vom Kraftwerk (Wilson/Aika “C” litter) that appeared on MSNBC in their travel section. Ryder’s the spokesdog for H2O4K9, the first stainless steel water bottle for dogs. Ryder will soon be appearing on all the company’s marketing materials. Every time Ryder goes out for a photo shoot for the product, people comment on how gorgeous he is and where he comes from. We always tell them he came from Kraftwerk K9 in Washington. Thank you for such a wonderful dog!

Karin B, California

Wilson Ryder Vom KraftwerkJust had to send this picture of Ryder vom Kraftwerk as it reminded us so much of his father, Wilson. Ryder is just five months old but is growing into a gorgeous German Shepherd! Ryder loves to “find” objects that we hide in the house and can locate any object no matter if it’s hidden inside something or on a tall piece of furniture. He also enjoys “finding” someone who is hiding outside. He is completely at ease in large crowds and doesn’t startle at loud noises or any type of moving object (skateboards, bikes, wheelchairs, strollers). He will go on any type of surface and will run up stairs on a childrens playground and slide down any type of childrens slide (much to the delight of the neighborhood children!) If he keeps showing interest in finding people and objects. we may explore Search & Rescue. Ryder’s the third German Shepherd I’ve had in my life and by far the most confident and emotionally stable of them all. We also know another Kraftwerk GSD who is just six months old and he is beautiful and incredibly well-behaved for such a young dog. If I didn’t already have three dogs, I’d love to have another dog from Kraftwerk!

Bryce & Kari – California

Conny Vom KraftwerkWe are so grateful for our sweet Conny! She retired a couple months ago from your breeding program. We were totally new to the idea of a schutzhund dog but we had a sex offender move in down the street and knew we needed something. You can imagine our concern having three young boys and a husband who went out of town occassionally for work. We had a tall order- obedient, mellow, gentle enough for our 1 yr old, loved to be with us all the time (in the car as well) and would defend us with her life! Conny is just that! She will go all out to work for my husband with the ball, play ball gently with my 4 and 5 yr old and lay around and lick my 1 yr old. We were quite nervous getting a trained powerful dog, but boy did she take to us! She was so sweet from day one! She is accepting of anyone we let in (especially the boys friends), but watch out if you’re uninvited! Johnny (our 1 yr old)is her favorite buddy- she tolerates so much from him. She sleeps at the top of the stairs where she can watch all their doors and makes rounds through their rooms throughout the night. When we get home she checks all the rooms and gives each of the boys a kiss. They think they have a normal dog like their friends- but We know better- we have SuperDog! This pic is of Johnny and “his girl” as he calls her. Thanks again Kraftwerk Gang! What a blessing’!

Hill Family – California

Barli Vom KraftwerkWe LOVE our dog named Barli!

Kevin S – California

Carmen Vom KraftwerkDear Wayne, Thought you might like to know that Carmen has grown into a magnificent one year old and is stunning to behold! She’s very friendly, affectionate, also confident, agile and extremely athletic and has a very strong play drive. I think she dreams about retrieving. I took this picture of her diving after a ball which is probably her twentieth dive in a row and as you can see she remains nearly undiminished in her energy and enthusiasm. Carmen has also proven to be solid and highly trainable as we are working up to Schutzhund. She really enjoys training and reminds us if we miss a session. Thank you for such a special shepherd.

Mark K – California