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German Shepherds For Sale In Texas

Finding the German Shepherd that’s a perfect fit for your household is no easy task. That’s why before you buy, you need to talk to Kraftwerk K9. Our team of trainers and breeders will match you with the right dog, whether you need a fully trained family protection dog and companion, or a puppy with an outstanding pedigree.

Kraftwerk K9 is America’s premier German Shepherd breeding and training company, and our track record proves it.

The Kraftwerk K9 difference

World Renowned

One-of-a-kind Facility

We couldn’t be happier. This dog is by far the smartest dog we have ever owned. He does exactly what you described to us on the phone. Extremely obedient and absolutely loves to work. For anyone who wants a true athlete, this is the place to come. After our recent intrusion by an unknown thief, we decided to invest in the best alarm system available….Bodo. Now, we can’t wait till they try it again and either can Bodo ! The average dog owner thinks that his or her dog will protect when that crucial moment comes. That is not the case. Kraftwerk K9 produces a dog that WILL protect without hesitation or doubt. Not only can Bodo do that but he is extremely stable and sound. We never have to worry about him making a mistake. BODO ROCKS !Tres & Virginia – Texas

Dog shipping and travel

Bring doggy treats (cut up chunks of hotdogs are a favorite) with you to the cargo department of the airline your new dog will arrive in. Give the flight details we provide you at the counter. When you approach the kennel, start talking to the dog in a friendly tone repeating his/her name several times. Your new dog will be looking for familiar people and sounds.

The sound of his name coming from you will automatically generate a beginning level of trust and is the first step in the bonding process. When you are ready to open the door of the crate, have the leash (located in the packaging on top of the shipping kennel) ready to snap on the collar. Be sure to get the lead on the dog as he comes out. Once you have the leash on the dog, the bonding process can really start as you now have a real and physical connection to the dog. All dogs know whomever is at the end of the leash has control helping establish you as the pack leader immediately.

The person who first opens the crate door and attaches the lead is normally the first person the dog will give it’s trust to. After the dog has relieved himself, he/she should be returned back to the crate for the ride home, if possible. He/she will be more comfortable riding in the crate than being loose in the car. Every dog will need time to adjust to the new surroundings. The natural acclimation period will differ between dogs. Travel affects the dogs in the same manner as people. Some are very good travelers and acclimate quickly and others need more time to adjust. This period is commonly referred to as jet-lag. Try to arrange to have at least 48 hours that that you can dedicate to your new dog when it arrives. He/she needs quality time with you.

This is an important bonding time when your new dog is feeling most stressed and vulnerable in his new environment. Keep household activities and visitors to a minimum while your dog gets familiar with everything. Some will be more cautious and unsure of their new surroundings indicating that they need to be introduced more slowly into their new home.

Testimonials from Happy Texas German Shepherd Owners

Owen com KraftwerkBoltz(Owen vom Kraftwerk)is doing very well!He is excellent! Ya’ll are great Breeders! As soon as we picked him up from the airport we knew he was going to be the perfect dog for my daughter! He is doing very well with our black lab 12 year old! We love him so much! I toke him to work and everyone said he is Stunning! We love yall’s GSD’s they are very well trained and are so talented in every way!Thanks to you we found the perfect dog for my daughter!!

Melissa – Texas

RikeHere is a picture of D-Riko (Rabauke x Yanka) at 6 months. He is absolutely the most fantastic german shepherd! He has started Schutzhund and is showing that he is an absolute natural for it. His prey drive is great and his protection instinct is unbelievable. You can see the intelligence in his face and eyes. I can see alot of similarities between him and his Grandfather Aik. Riko is developing alot like Aik with a strong chest and lots of substance! I look forward to sending you updates as he matures. Thanks again for breeding such an outstanding quality german shepherd.

Rhonda G – Texas

KarsonCarrie and I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how happy we are with Karson. He is the son of Kaiko and Bapsy. He is almost 14 months old and has grown into a very handsome dog!! Wherever we go, people are always commenting on how beautiful he is. He is extremely gentle towards other people when we are out in public. However, while at home, he protects the house and family from any unwanted or unannounced intruders. He has had his basic obedience and we have just started him on his Schutzhund training. He absolutely loves it. You can tell this dog was born for the sport. It’s definitely in his blood. Thanks for all of your support and guidance, and we look forward to giving you updates on this wonderful addition to our family.

Brett and Carrie – Texas

Bernie and Jericko

It was a very lengthy process for me to make a choice of breeders. I read a lot of information online and through various forums. I had called you folks on numerous occasions and spoken with several employees who were helpful. I looked locally, and I was extremely nervous of what I had read online. I am writing you because it is so important to get positive feedback when the experience is great. Well, Jericko is now a little over 6 months old, and he turned out to be an incredible dog. I can’t wait to see how he grows into his body in a year. I have continued the training here in Houston, Texas, and we have become the best of friends. Jericko has not had a single accident in the house, he is docile and well behaved when crated, and he loves to spend time with me.

My experience (from the time I met him at the airport to the 23-hour road trip we took in my truck from Texas to Virginia) is that this guy is well mannered and well behaved. His temperament is just as it was described, and he is a joy to have as my buddy. I want to thank you for breeding such a great dog. I am hesitant to neuter him (even though I know this will help with his health and drive to want to find love in all of the wrong places) because I would selfishly like to have one of his pups. I would just like to have these guys around for a long time. I am very pleased with my purchase and am extremely happy with his continued training. He is making great strides. Obedience training has gone well and now we are working on agility.

I have recommended you to my friends, and one of my friends has picked up a pup from you. I will continue to recommend you! Thanks again for a great friend and a good, healthy guy.

Bernie K – Texas

SashaWayne, I never imagined that Sascha, from Wilson/Esta litter last year would be as beautiful as she is today! She is so smart and does what she is told to do. She knows all of her basics now and we are proud to have her. We want to have her trained as a search and rescue dog. Thank you so much!

Tammie C – Texas

Triumph com KraftwerkDear Wayne and Team, Thank you for our new puppy, Triumph vom Kraftwerk. He is only 10 weeks old in the picture and the best puppy ever! We love him already. He has such nice conformation, with a very strong head! His temperament couldn’t be better for us. His coat and pigmint are both outstanding. I hope someday every breeder can produce GSD puppies like him! Triumph is an Outstanding representation of the breed standard! Thank you all for being so professional. Of course he just loves the new ball we purchased from you also!

Herman & Tammie C – Texas