#1 Breeder and importer of working German Shepherds since 1987

Since its founding by visionary leader Wayne Curry , Kraftwerk K9 has been America’s #1 authority on breeding and importing of working line German Shepherd puppies for sale. Mr. Curry has represented the United States in several international schutzhund/protection dog competitions around the world including Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, and Italy. He has also been the winner of numerous Regional and National Championships, recognized by the New York Times, other major newspapers, New Zealand Radio, and Q13 Fox News TV as an expert in the field of breeding and training German Shepherd dogs.

Kraftwerk K9 working line protection-trained German Shepherds have been exported all over the world including the Middle East, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, and Canada. Their signature appearance can be distinguished by the overall impression of strength and character they possess. Kraftwerk K9 is the only U.S. German Shepherd breeder in history to have three dogs compete at the BSP, Germany’s most prestigious schutzhund event.

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What we do & Where we do it

The property on which the Kraftwerk K9 kennels are located, was found by Wayne while he was on the way to a farmer’s field to practice tracking with his dog. It was a five-acre parcel of young Christmas trees and nothing else. Wayne and his friend, a deputy sheriff, then built the first four kennels. To get started, Wayne filled the four kennels with dogs from the animal rescue shelter and anyone else who needed their dog trained. The demand for well-trained dogs was very high. Subsequently, four more kennels were built. Later he added the main building with a front office area and 12 kennels attached. He built a concrete ring around the perimeter of the kennels and inside he placed cedar chips for comfort and cleanliness. Wayne designed four additional kennels around the Christmas trees in order to provide shade and privacy for every dog. These kennels were very successful, so, Wayne has continued to add kennels within the trees annually. The land surrounding the original property was acquired one five-acre section at a time. Training fields, houses for managers and trainers were added helping to create the twenty-five acre state of the art training and breeding facility that it is today. Kraftwerk employs a staff of around ten full-time people year round who are actively engaged and devoted to the dogs and puppies.

“Best Breeder in America – Der Spiegel,Germany”

Kraftwerk K9: Breeding & Training

By- Doug Marcoux, Guns & Tactics Magazine

When I first drove up to the Kraftwerk K9 facility I was greeted by a closed gate. On it hung a phone number, and beyond it stood two imposing German Shepherds who communicated clearly that they knew I was a stranger. They weren’t vicious or particularly aggressive, but they exuded a certain “standing-their-ground” confidence and presence that convinced me I would never want to jump one of these fences. As I would come to learn during my visit, these traits are a characteristic of every Kraftwerk dog.

Much of the difference between a Kraftwerk dog and a typical German Shepherd comes from careful breeding. These are incredibly beautiful animals, but their breeding has nothing to do with appearance. Rather, Kraftwerk’s breeding program is structured around these 3 specific areas: health and “hardness,” courage and drive, and temperament and intelligence. None of these dogs are “show dogs” and they would likely never win an AKC award for their appearance. What they would do, however, is outperform any best-of-breed dogs in strength, health, and training… and, when it comes to protecting my family, I’ll take a strong and well-tempered dog over a “perfect breed-standard” every time. Think of it as a shotgun – a finely engraved Browning Citori Lightning is a beautiful firearm… but when something goes bump in the night you’re probably going to reach for your Remington 870.

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“See what others are saying about us!”

“We bought our dog Ronja from Kraftwerk k9 in August 2015. Wayne was professional on the phone and helped us choose the right dog for our lifestyle. I truly believe we found the perfect German Shepherd! Her temperament is great with kids, she travels everywhere with us, swims, hikes, catches frisbees, and has excellent hips. Now on a road trip almost three years later, we find ourselves driving across four states to pay a visit to Kraftwerk Kennels. Dakota was incredible from the moment we showed up. Greeting us with bottled water and giving a tour of the place. He asked us if Ronja has had any protection training, to which she hasn’t. He showed us potential in our dog that we never knew was there by doing a quick beginner lesson with the protection sleeve. Unbelievable! Our dog showed us she had the drive to do protection all along! When we found out Dakota had been at the kennel for over 4 years and knew our dogs parents, it really put us at ease. Hats off to a great facility and the team at Kraftwerk k9!” – Keith

“We obtained our girl Mala Vom Riedschluegi from Kraftwerk K9 last week. The process was easy and straight to the point. Lisa the office manager kept in touch the whole way letting me know what to expect. She also answered all my questions I had of Mala as well as offered some advise. Even now that we have Mala she has continued to answer my questions as they come up. Mala has been a great addition to our pack, I was expecting her to be nervous and anxious being in a new environment but I got the complete opposite. Mala has been so easy to introduce to my other pets and Family members. She is so easy to handle. Walking with her is such a joy, no tugging or pulling. She has such a gentle attitude. I purchased her after speaking with Wayne Curry for the purpose of breeding. Wayne assured me her health status and I decided that she was the perfect female for my breeding program. Kraftwerk K9 offered me a German Shepherd unlike any I have seen before. This is exactly what a German Shepherd should be like.” – Felipe

Kraftwerk K9 Family Protection Dogs Review Customer Review Sally A. From WA

We absolutely love Rita! She ended up being a perfect fit for our family. She's incredible kind and friendly towards all!

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Kraftwerk K9 Family Protection Dogs Review Customer Review Jeremy B.

He's almost 60 lbs now! Temper is good and he's done some bad chewing, but nothing that's not just puppy stuff. He's my best friend :)

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Kraftwerk K9 Family Protection Dogs Review Customer Review Scott T. From WA

Okaya is such a sweet dog thanks for selling her to me. She has a good home and is having a great time so far.

Scotty and family

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Kraftwerk K9 Family Protection Dogs Review Customer Review Paul & Tanya J.

Still going strong at age 8. Victor is happy and healthy, and has not slowed down at all. Loves to swim in the ocean on hot days and there is a very long humid summer in Hong Kong.

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“The best working dog is the best family pet”

-Wayne Curry

Dogs are in many ways like people with the same emotions and attitudes. This is why we can easily identify with them. There are many individual personality types of people. Those that are high strung, restless and never settled. Others are at the opposite end of the scale, they do not get excited about much of anything and can actually be rather boring. Dogs can be categorized the same way.