Manta vom Schloss Eberstein

Female Breeding Dog Summary

Manta vom Schloss Eberstein

Certifications: AD,BH,IGP1,KKL



Very large, somewhat oversized, looks like a male at first sight! Powerfully built black & brown. Solid and firm with well-balanced proportions. Strong head with outstanding expression. Great working ability with high-level accomplishments. Enthusiastic and enjoys working. Able to concentrate and focus on task. Great drive for a ball, will perform the obedience exercises quickly over and over again expecting the reward. Highly determined in protection, hits hard with serious guarding in the out phase. Pedigree is from consistent top performing schutzhund dogs from both East and West Germany. Top performance bloodlines known for sound temperament, rock-solid constitution and excellent conformation. Hips and elbows certified A1.

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