Kraftwerk K9 six day old puppy update

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German Shepherd Puppies born with awesome color selection!

Hard- One solid black, one mostly black, and two black sable males. Two mostly black, and three black sable females. Photo taken at one day old.

C-Litter vom Kraftwerk

German Shepherd Puppies Available Soon! From Acer the Boom vom Kraftwerk K9

E-Litter vom Kraftwerk

Kraftwerk K9 Puppy Training DvDs Limited 2 for 1 Sale offer!

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Jet black two year old IPO 3 female for sale!

Anu vom Friesenkrieger AD, BH, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3, KKL

Taking reservations now!

Third generation Kraftwerk K9, expecting awesome pigmentation. It is well-known that the best color combination comes from when one parent is bi-color, and the other is sable. Accepting three deposits for males and three for females.

C-Litter vom Kraftwerk

Kathy from Arizona

We have purchased 2 wonderful dogs from you. The first was Elvis, an 18mo old boy! What a wonderful addition to our family!!  

The second was Orina when she was 4 months old. Wayne selected her for us based on our conversations about needs and home situation. She is a perfect match. She is still learning new things and loves to please.

I am writing to tell you that our sweet Elvis passed away in August 2016. He was a protector, companion, and friend to us as well as to all of our grandchildren. It was hard to let him go. He was 14 years old and had reached a point of being unable to get around most of the time. He was loyal to the end and is sorely missed. Thank you Wayne and Karftwerk for the joy your organization brought to our home all those years ago and continues to bring us today.  

Orina continues to love going to my sewing room and lay at my feet during the day. She is also a terrific playmate for our 5 year old grandson who lives with us. He tends to be fearful at night so she helps keep him from being afraid. Hubby and I get ready to turn in for the night and tell her it’s time to go to work. She hops up, runs to his room and lays down on her mat. When he awakens at night she goes to him and kisses him, reassuring him that all is well. She is in good health and walks with us as we take our grandson to school every morning, playing in the park as we go and return home.

I have a attached a picture of Elvis a couple of weeks before he passed away. 

Thank you again for our fur family members.

Yenda vom Kraftwerk OB Level 1

Beautiful black sable with outstanding markings!


New review by Kraftwerk customer

The best working dog for a family!

Inga is now 2.5 years old, 80 lbs, big head, long haired, jet black… She looks like a wolf when she runs in the woods. Always alert and she knows her job: watch the house and stop intruders on the property… and she did it successfully… The best part is that she switches off instantly once asked to “foos”, and returns to sit on my left side… It is clear that she has the proper genes and that the Kraftwerk team is 100% responsible for that. Training is easy as she just loves to work. and when work is over, she can be around kids and babies and will be the sweetest dog. I never thought I would love her that much, I am so impressed with her abilities. She is very intense in all that she does. Last but not least, I can take her to company picnics and pretty much any other type of activities, and she will not be overly friendly towards others, but just minds her own business and tolerate others. The environment is always different, lots of people, noise, airports, cities or out in the woods, and she just behaves and can turn on at any minute should there be a threat on anyone in the pack. Loyal, trustworthy and loving… Thank you for making such a great dog…

Inga when she was a pup!

Kraftwerk K9 German Shepherd puppy training at 9 weeks old!


Click Here to see more photos and a video of Xalvo von Kraftwerk in action

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