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Lerry vom Querzemtal AD,BH,IPO1,IPO2,IPO3

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Wayne and Kraftwerk Family,
It is with a heavy heart that I write this thank you. 13 ½ years ago my wife and I and our two children (8 &  4) arrived at O’Hare airport in Chicago to meet our new family member – Frenzi vom Kraftwerk. She was born July 3, 2002 from Geppeto (Gunner) vom Conneforde and Donna vom Haus Loschan. In the back of the crate was the cutest black/grey sable shepherd, the exact coloring we had searched for. While most important to us at that time was to find that rare black/grey sable, in a very short time we realized we not only got the coloring that we wanted, but we also got the perfect temperament.   Frenzi provided that security and protection to our home and our family without any training. She would bark at any passerby’s with a simple but sturdy bark to let them know she was there. However, when warranted, that bark changed and it was very clear that she was providing more than just a simple warning. When Frenzi was young (3 or 4), we had a neighbor (that we didn’t know at the time), approach our front door at 1:00 in the morning. My wife and I awoke immediately because Frenzi’s barking clearly put us on notice that something was wrong. I quickly went downstairs, all the while Frenzi was still at the window barking with that serious bark that something wasn’t right. The neighbor was afraid to come all the way to our door and was standing way back in the middle of our front yard. His purpose was solely to tell us that we had forgotten to close our garage door that evening, but because of Frenzi he was afraid to even come to our front door to ring the bell. That neighbor and I ended up coaching together for many years and he and Frenzi got along great.
Just a few weeks ago we unfortunately had to say goodbye to Frenzi. We not only lost a family member, but we also lost that sense of calm, strength and security that she provided to our family for such a long time. Frenzi was also the best friend that anyone could ask for. She would always great us at the door and stay close and rub up against us until we took the few minutes to say “hi”. Good days or bad, she was always the one with a “smile” on her face when we got home. Without question, Frenzi was the best dog that we have ever owned and that we have ever known. As we consider another dog in the future, we will most definitely consider another shepherd from Kraftwerk K9.
Thank you,
Darin, Laura, Cody, Sierra and Frenzi
Orland Park, IL

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Dan S., MD, MO

Dan S.I thank God for my shepherd, Teddy. He is now 9 years old and very healthy with no hip or elbow problems. I purchased Teddy from Kraftwerk after I lost my previous Kraftwerk dog. Teddy has been the greatest companion for my wife and I. Protective, extremely intelligent and great with other people. I have never been happier with a shepherd and he is my sixth. I recommend everyone to Kraftwerk.

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Fabo Stacked

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