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Kraftwerk K9 German Shepherd Puppy Raising System

We start by meticulously planning breeding pairs using the optimum
combinations between our Top Stud Dogs and breeding females. All of our
breeding stock is IPO titled and tested for sound temperament, drive,
and functionality. We have the advantage of drawing from the over 20
years of breeding and training experience brought to the table by our
visionary founder, Wayne Curry.

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German to English Pedigree Translation Help

Provided as a free resource, this is a translated list of every term
used in original pedigrees for German Shepherds born in Germany.

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The 200 Score in Obedience - A Study in Perfection

In a sport where it is a big accomplishment to pass a class and perhaps earn a title, every Obedience Team has one thing in common: each one of us steps into the Ring with a Perfect 200 Score. Deductions can start as early as teams cross the threshold. A touch to the collar prior to the start of the first exercise or a happy bark could cause an immediate deduction. Most never expect perfection. Obedience is hard, after all.

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