Obedience from the Beginning Part 1 – Imprinting & Socializing


Imprinting & Socializing

Minimum Age: 8 weeks

  • Learning how to respond to a collar and leash
  • Sit on command
  • Come and sit in the front position
  • Down on command
  • Follow the handler on leash
  • Puppies are trained regularly in short intervals for optimum learning retention “training in blocks”
  • Reward system of cut-up pieces of hot dogs until the puppy is ready to be transferred over to a reward object   

  • Create drive to learn and retain information
  • Name association
  • Teach the meaning of “no” is stop
  • Single kennel acclimation
  • Introduced to house-training within an indoor environment
  • Vehicle familiarization
  • Crate trained
  • Drive Building – Encourage chasing and biting of approved toy
  • Bathing, trimming of nails and ear cleaning
  • Introduction to Stairs
  • Exposure to slippery floors
  • Regular grooming on an elevated table and handling