Obedience from the Beginning Part 2 – Manners & Obedience

Manners & Obedience

30 Day Training Program
Includes Boarding

Minimum Age: 12 weeks
Prerequisite: Obedience from the Beginning Part 1

  • Sit and Stay (One Minute)
  • Down and Stay (Three Minute)
  • Come and sit in the front position
  • Walk on a loose lead in the heel position without pulling
  • The meaning of “no” is stop
  • Introduction of a training collar as a positive experience
  • Diffusing the possibility of becoming collar-wise
  • Stop Mouthing, inappropriate biting, and jumping
  • Introduced to house-training within an indoor environment
  • Fetch (Promoting Retrieving Instincts)
  • Drive Building – Encourage chasing and biting of approved toys
  • Introduction of distractions during learned exercises, proofing what the dog has already learned