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German Shepherds with Families

  • Jayla working with Eyla vom Kraftwerk

German Shepherd Puppies

    German Shepherd  Protection

    • The home life with BSP competitor, Don von der Monchhof-Kapelle SchH3

    German Shepherd Obedience

    • Tyson von Schiffslache at the 2006 FCI Qualification Trial

    German Shepherds at Work

    • Training photos of Don von der Monchhof-Kapelle SchH3, IPO3, KKL2

    German Shepherds in Competitions

    • Training photos of V-Ursus aus dem Furstentum Lippe SchH3-V, KKL1

    Our State of the Art Facilities

    • Wayne and Ursus take third at the 2006 USA North American Championship

    German Shepherd Agility

    • Ursus and his family life