Trained Puppies

Trained German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

Our puppies are trained using Modern Motivational Behavior and Shaping Trained


  • Introduced to house-training within an indoor environment.
  • Taught to respond to a collar and leash.
  • Trained regularly in short intervals for optimum learning retention “training in blocks.”
  • Taught reward system using cut-up pieces of hot dogs until the puppy is ready to transfer over to a reward object.
  • Create drive to learn and retain information. Name association and the meaning of “no” means stop.
  • Sit and stay.
  • Come and sit in the front position.
  • Down and stay on command.
  • Follow the handler on leash.
  • Single kennel acclimation.
  • Vehicle familiarized and crate trained.
  • Regular bathing, trimming of nails and ear cleaning.
  • Introduction to stairs and slippery floor environment.

Eika vom Kraftwerk

Gender: Female 
Price: $7,500
Born: 02/12/2021
Photo taken 4/16/21

Eila vom Kraftwerk

Gender: Female 
Price: $7,500
Born: 02/12/2021
Photo taken: 4/16/21

Bear Profile

Bear vom Kraftwerk: SOLD

Large! Handsome red sable with strong head and heavy bones with fantastic structure. Photo taken March 23rd.

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