After Purchasing a Puppy, you can choose to have your dog trained here or you can Purchase a Trained Puppy, one already finished with Obedience from the Beginning Training Programs. We also offer training for German Shepherd puppies from other areas.

The training skills we teach are the basic fundamentals every puppy should know. Each program is custom tailored to suit each dog and family’s needs. All commands are taught in German unless otherwise specified. All dog training is conducted here at our location in Rochester, Washington served by PDX airport in Portland Oregon and SEA Seattle Washington State.

Training Programs

Obedience from the Beginning Part 1 – Imprinting & Socializing

(30 Days)
Minimum Age: 8 weeks
We call this “Obedience from the Beginning”. This is the perfect age to lay down a solid foundation on which future training can be built. We introduce the puppies to a reward system using food… Read More

Kraftwerk German Shepherd Trained Puppies
Obedience from the Beginning Part 2 – Manners & Obedience

(30 Days)
Minimum Age: 12 weeks
Kraftwerk’s obedience level two is where the rubber meets road for the puppies. We transition them from food rewards to play objects, such as tugs or balls, to build drive. Drive is a term describing… Read More

Kraftwerk German Shepherd Trained Young Dogs
Obedience from the Beginning Part 3 – Boost Performance Levels

(30 Days)
Minimum Age: 16 weeks
Once we develop optimum drive in the puppies, we can take their training to the next level. This is a vital step in their training development. We help them begin to transition from puppies into confident and capable young adults. Once they have a solid foundation in their home-field, they have to learn how to perform everywhere… Read More

Kraftwerk German Shepherd Trained Young Dogs

Kraftwerkk9 is dedicated to offering superior dogs to combat would-be assailants. A security guard may only be on shift for 12 hours with the ability to stay prime for only 8 of those hours. A German Shepherd is vigilant even when their owners are resting. The first goal of a trained dog is to provide a deterrent. This obstacle alone will combat a large percentage of burglaries and home invasions. “Bad guys” would much rather take on an empty home than one with a barking German Shepherd. Our Practical Protection Program was created to aggressively engage these criminals and take the fight to them if necessary… Read More

Kraftwerk K9 Family Protection Dogs Training