30 Day Training Program
Minimum Age: 12 weeks

Kraftwerk’s obedience level two is where the rubber meets road for the puppies. We transition them from food rewards to play objects, such as tugs or balls, to build drive. Drive is a term describing the emotional and physical energy that motivates the dogs to act. We go from using a food reward based system to an actual training program. This is where we test each command the puppies have learned. Each puppy has learned what to do, so now, we give him or her an opportunity not to do it. If the puppy makes the wrong choice, they are corrected for their behavior but if the puppy choose to obey, they are rewarded. During this level, the puppies are taught how to extend their sit & downs developing their stay. They also learn how to greet people respectfully. Level 2 of Kraftwerk’s obedience training teaches the puppies the practical obedience that they need to excel as a young developing dog.