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“Why should you have someone looking over your shoulder when you can have a german shepherd watching your back?”
-Wayne Curry

Schutzhund Style Training Rudy from Kraftwerk K9

Practical Protection Style
Rudy from Kraftwerk K9

Kraftwerk K9 is on the leading edge of obedience and protection dog training. Building on its long-standing schutzhund foundation, we are now going a step further by providing specialized practical application dog training. Our team of experienced trainers has responded to the increase of home violence by developing realistic training for families, executives, and high profile individuals. With the economy in turmoil it has become more prevalent to protect assets and family members. Kraftwerk K9 German Shepherds are specifically trained to combat the ever-raising self-security boundaries that are being compromised in today’s society. We are committed to providing protection by supplying highly skilled working dogs with revolutionary (advanced) training techniques.

Champion Schutzhund Obedience

Champion Schutzhund Protection

A common concern for many people today is burglary. Most criminals prefer a passive intrusion into a family’s home. The intruder will most likely disregard the opportunity to survey the home and immediately approach the door. Burglaries are crimes of opportunity met with no resistance. The burglar will knock on the door as if he is a neighbor or solicitor. If the homeowner comes to the door the intruder will conjure a reason for the visit. If the home is vacant the suspect will walk around to the rear and break in. Once inside the burglar typically has ample time to search the home and take valuables that can range anywhere from electronics and appliances to vehicles and personal information. Since the year 2000, burglaries have increased dramatically becoming common occurrences across the United States.

(Phase 1) Kraftwerk K9 Practical Protection Training

(Phase 2) Practical Training Without Exposed Sleeve

Home invasion robberies are significantly dissimilar from burglaries. Typically suspects target affluent families and neighborhoods. Home invasions are essentially robberies that occur while a family is home. The suspects will most likely survey the home and the victims to determine the assets of a household. The intruder enters the home with the full intention of initiating violence and panic. Criminals are becoming increasingly bold and desperate with little regard for consequence. At home and abroad these types of crimes have also been increasing since 2000. While this is not immediately alarming on the surface, one should consider the definition of Robbery and consider the statistics. According to the 2009 FBI Uniform Crime Report Robbery is defined as “taking or attempting to take anything of value from the care, custody, or control of a person or persons by force or threat of force or violence and/or by putting the victim in fear.” Of the 408,000 robberies in 2009, 30.9% were committed in the victim’s residence. This statistic indicates that 126,000 of the robberies were home invasions. Other home invasions that were not tallied under robbery include: home invasion rapes, home invasion assaults and home invasion homicides.

Home Invasion Prevention (Front Door)

Home Burglary Prevention (Back Door)

In 2007 a Connecticut family suffered a home invasion tragedy. Dr. Petit, his wife, and two daughters became victims of a violent invasion. The suspects quickly entered the home and assaulted and bound all the victims. Mrs. Petit was taken to a bank to withdrawal $15,000 in cash. Once she was brought back, she and her teenage daughters were raped. According to Fox news, Mr. Petit was bleeding profusely but was able to escape before the intruders set the house on fire burning the victims. Mr. Petit later recovered and is currently in court proceedings testifying against the assailants. Read more here.


Unmatched Capacity To Handle Stress

Family and Dog at the Park

This is just one of many home invasion stories that consume the headlines of our daily news. Kraftwerkk9 is dedicated to offering superior dogs to combat these would-be assailants. A security guard may only be on shift for 12 hours with the ability to stay prime for 8 of those hours. A German Shepherd is vigilant even when their owners are resting. The first goal of a trained dog is to provide a deterrent. This obstacle alone will combat a large percentage of burglaries and home invasions. “Bad guys” would much rather take on an empty home than one with a barking German Shepherd. Our Practical Protection Program was created to aggressively engage these criminals and take the fight to them if necessary.



Multiple attacker neutralization

Car Theft Prevention Training

There are several training facilities around the United States that devalue the importance of Schutzhund training. Schutzhund was developed to put stress on the dog and the handler. Dogs that are SchH titled have been temperament and nerve tested by a licensed judge (third party). Intelligent dog owners do not want to take just anyone’s word that a dog is trained. This is the foundation of our practical protection candidates. Our team of experts use schutzhund trained dogs and prepare them to be family companions as well as protection specialists. Practical protection dogs do not need an unconcealed stimulation to engage an intruder i.e. the standard schutzhund sleeve. Our certified PPD’s (Practical Protection Dogs) have been trained in several different environments and scenarios including: home invasion, burglary prevention, car jacking prevention, multiple threat neutralization, using no visible sleeve methods.

All german shepherd training is performed by Kraftwerk K9 Certified Master Trainers here at our location in Rochester Washington state. The dog training shown above is very specialized and should not be attempted by non-professionals. When scheduling a visit please check flights from both SEA Seattle Washington state and PDX Portland Oregon.